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Digitally Modulated Screening

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Bellissima DMS, the ultimate in flexographic screening, delivers a previously unobtainable level of image reproduction for flexo. Rivaling the quality of print typically associated with offset and gravure, Bellissima DMS is challenging digital as the future for flexible packaging and labels.

This unique screening digitally modulates every pixel it produces thereby precisely controlling the dots in each separation while its “stochastic rosette” interleaves the dots between the separations to eliminate noise and moiré.

In addition, the stochastic rosette maximizes the ink-on-paper area and minimizes the amount of ink-on-ink to expand the available color gamut while eliminating color shifts due to misregistration.
Highlight Dots Down To 1.0%
Shadow Dots
Up To 99.5%
Bellissima DM Screening’s carefully controlled dots produce presswork equivalent to a traditional 350-450 lpi screen with incredible image detail from highlights to shadows. In addition, it’s easy to plate and print.

Bellissima DMS precisely controls the size of its highlight and shadow dots which, like an XM (hybrid) screen, allows it to retain a full tone range of 0-100%. However, unlike an XM (hybrid) screen, Bellissima DMS does not suffer from problems such as moiré, or noisy flat tints and color shifts with misregistration.
That Inspires
Bellissima DMS utilizes innovative patented technology that’s a fusion of the best characteristics of AM (Amplitude Modulation), FM (Frequency Modulation), XM (Cross Modulated), GS (Geometric) and CS (Concentric) screening while avoiding their limitations and problems. It dramatically enhances the quality and stability of flexo presswork.

Compared with AM/XM dots, which can appear partial/broken in images with tone values between 5-45%, and don’t plate or print well causing them to ink up quickly on press, Bellissima DMS produces patented flexo dots that never appear partial/broken, and are consistent and stable on press. Furthermore, Bellissima DMS flexo dots don’t suffer from problems such as dot-bridging and rivering on press.
The Sky’s The Limit
Like an FM screen, Bellissima DMS produces a stunning level of image detail, equivalent to 350-450 lpi with an AM/XM screen. However, unlike an FM screen, it does not suffer from problems such as noisy flat screen tints and variability on plate and press.
Overcoming Printing
Press Problems
Bellissima DM Screening helps to extend the life of a flexographic printing press. Using Bellissima’s patented dots, common printing problems including bounce, barring and slur are significantly reduced and, in some instances, completely eliminated.
Beautiful Image
Bellissima DM Screening analyzes each pixel to ensure that no dot is too small to plate or print yet still not large enough to be visible. Dots are created in a carefully controlled manner, to ensure detail is placed exactly where it is needed, vignettes are smooth and flat tints are ‘flat.’

The result is a quality of print, particularly on flexible substrates, that was previously unachievable in a flexographic environment.

Moiré Free Prints
Like a Geometric Screen (GS), Bellissima DMS uses carefully crafted geometric shapes that improve stability on press and eliminate problems such as rosettes and color shifts. 

However, unlike a GS screen, it does not suffer from problems such as moiré clashes with image content, rosettes, or lack of image detail.
Ink Savings
Bellissima DM Screening uses specially shaped dots that, like a Concentric Screen (CS), minimize ink build-up. This maximizes the amount of light filtered by the ink to create significant ink savings which can be augmented by GCR based software.

However, unlike a CS screen, it does not require high-definition plates to hold tiny pixel shapes that often suffer from wear and which are, on flexo, technically impossible.

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